I'm a software engineer, pop culture enthusiast, and computer science student at Brigham Young University.

About Me
I'm a software engineering intern at Instructure, working on Bridge in Ruby on Rails. Before that, I was a software engineering intern for a year at Ancestry.com, developing systems in Java. I did web development for a couple of years at BYU.
I have experience writing software in Python, C++, Java, C#, and Ruby. My main software interests are in web development and game development.
I live with my beautiful wife and daughter in the lovely state of Utah.
In my spare time, I like to make and play games. Here are some of my creations.
Tic Tac Toe
BYU Sites
At BYU, I helped design and implement new sites for the Student Services department. They look much better, if I say so myself.
Undergraduate Catalog
BYU Registrar's Office
BYU Financial Management & Planning
BYU Calendar API
School Projects
I've taken classes that span many important CS concepts, including software architecture/design, networking, security, and big data.
Machine Translation
with Lingotek
Record Indexer
Settlers of
File Sharing
Traveling Salesperson Genetic
Miscellaneous Projects
Other stuff I'm working on.
Coding Journal
Big Prime
Contact Me
Feel free to send any comments, questions, job offers, or chain emails to bopace@gmail.com .